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Time to knock this on the head. I've just paid the domain renewal for, and switched off the auto-renew.

I know this will come as a huge blow to the many people that have made this community the thriving hub of well-being it has become, but there you are.


If this disappears, how will anyone from the future be able to understand what life and social attitudes were like in the 20th century?

2 year renewal you say?


This was the only place I could come for a few minutes to meditate and remember the halcyon days before March 2020.

I used to really enjoy the days of forums.
Unfortunately many gave up and went exclusively to Facebook and that place is a cesspit.

OK, I admit I was half-fishing to see if anyone was still bothered.

Facebook is a cesspit.

This place is certainly meditative.

Maybe that's what we all need right now.


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